About Us

We are genetics

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the patient screening process, from the collection of samples to laboratory processing. We carefully design our program to be easy and flexible while remaining extremely compliant.

Our Vision

To ensure everyone has affordable access to Genetic Screening services.  Whether young, old, rich, or poor, or somewhere in between, Genetic Screening is for everyone and Genexe Health will help make that happen!

Our Labs

We only use the most comprehensive and compliant labs

Our partner labs primarily utilize liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry testing techniques, this is considered the gold standard in the industry. The Gold standard combined with utilization of one of the most advanced laboratory information management systems (LIMS) generates test result reports with the highest accuracy. Our reports are customized and easy-to-read. We are committed to the highest analytical standard in the industry with rapid turnaround time which allows for quick decisions about treatment.

Our methods and testing procedures are based on scientific facts and values produced by our laboratory in which extensive research and data analysis is collected and measured. Our testing procedures are what set us apart from other labs. Genexe Health’s partner labs prides themselves in providing more to our clients than our competitors.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Testimonials from some of our happy patients

  • Instead of worrying if I could develop Hereditary Cancer, I now feel empowered that now I know my DNA doesn't have any genetic markers!
    Mary Rose CGx Patient
  • Wow, one of the medications that gave me side effects, showed up on my report PGx as "possible adverse side effects"!   Thank you for such a comprehensive report! 
    William Anders PGx Patient